About Our Products

Company «RELAT-K» provides mattresses with different content, sizes and price range. If you need a product that is not listed on the site sizes you can enter them in the «comments» and our specialists will make the product you need.

About mattresses

Mattresses are available with and without springs. Spring matrasses, in turn, may consist of the dependent and independent units. Independent springs better distribute pressure and help prevent problems and inconvenience, so they are often found in the best orthopaedic mattresses.

Choosing the right mattress is very important and you need to approach this seriously and responsibly since poor quality mattress can greatly increase chance of having back pain or restless sleep that can influence your health in future.

Mattress elasticity and hardness is mostly dependant of the filler material. For those who love to have a firm surface coconut fibre could provide the ideal comfort layer. Thanks to lignin, a natural polymer, coconut does not absorb moisture, so the sleeper always stays dry, warm and hygienic, which is the key to good sleep and good health. For those who prefer a softer surface most recommended would be a latex layer. Latex is a unique material — elastic, hypoallergenic and have orthopaedic properties. In addition, it does not attract bed mites what can cause allergic reactions.

We also provide matrasses with «memory effect» that recently have become popular. They are as accurate as possible when it comes to adjusting to the shape of a person and helps distribute the pressure on the protruding part of the body and spine.

In other words, double mattresses can contain a variety of fillings and it is important to choose the one that is most preferable for you. More information about the materials for a comfortable bed and quality sleep you can find in see the special section of our site.

We offer also matrasses with built-in mattress frame (elastic foundation). It is required in cases where there is no way to install it in the bed frame, and inserted in the bed hoist.

Our company is not standing still and is constantly improving its products. Each of you has the opportunity to pick up a mattress with individual parameters that would be made just for you.

If you are still confused about the variety of mattresses, contact our qualified consultants who will answer all your questions and help you choose.

About mattress overlay (mattress pad)

Mattress overlay is a unique thing in nature that can increase comfort, orthopaedic properties and service life of your mattress! Besides mattress overlay can protect your matrass from external damage, such as accidentally spilled coffee, pet tricks, «baby surprises », etc. Using fillers (foam, struttofayber, coco fiber, latex, memory foam) mattress covers can do both — increase and decrease the hardness of mattress.

For example, if you think your mattress is too soft, you can buy an orthopaedic mattress pad made from coconut, which will make your mattress more rigid. For those who love softness there is mattress overlay with latex and memory foam — they make a firm mattress softer and more comfortable.

On the children’s mattresses

At an early age it is desirable for a child to sleep on a hard mattress. Hardness of the mattress can be provided by natural coconut filling plates. This material has high ventilation and durability. As they grow, children’s hard mattress becomes uncomfortable. In this case a layer of foam rubber or latex adds a little softness and elasticity to coconut mattress.

When buying a baby mattress, note the height and size of the model. The product must be chosen depending on the height of bed, weight and age.

If you are lost in a variety of children’s mattresses on the site, contact our qualified consultants who will answer any questions.

On the basis of elastic

Elastic (orthopaedic) base under the mattress adds practicality and durability, which will improve the orthopaedic effect and prolong the service of your mattress.

The base frame is made of a metal. The slats are mounted on the frame of curved plywood maid from high strength veneer birch, and have a curved shape for better support and stability of the mattress. In this case you have to turn the mattress over less often since having openings between the sections makes the bottom layer of the mattress well ventilated.