зонный Pocket Kombi

5-zone Pocket Kombi

— Spring block 5-zone "Pocket"
— Latex foam
— Latex foam
— Coconut fiber plate
— Wool
200 X 80
200 X 90
200 X 100
200 X 120
200 X 140
200 X 160
200 X 180
200 X 200

Orthopedic mattress built around 5-zone POCKET spring block (255 springs/sq.m), ensures correct spinal stretching during sleep time. Precise body weight distribution — 5 dedicted zones for head, shoulders, lumbar, waist and feet.

Deck front side — Perforated latex foam — stretchy and resilient filler. Adjusts to anathomic properties of human body. Encourages muscle relaxation, supports your spine in its natural position.

Reverse side — Coconut fiber plate — resilient, air-penetrable, environment-friendly filler, used to deliver rigidness to mattress.

Wool layer on both sides.

Syntepone-quilted cover with zipper.

Mattress height ≈ 19cm.

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