Information for Clients

Thank you, that they have become our customer!

To identify the mattress store label.

We guarantee our products on the label model and size.

2 year warranty from date of purchase. For longer life of your mattress and use the extra comfort mattress covers.

It is important to remember:

— Keep the mattress on fire!
— Lashing the polyether fiber hood can not be washed.
— Do not stand on the mattress and do not jump on it, the design is not designed for such loads.
— Do not bend your mattress, it can damage the spring unit and flooring from coconut mat.

Warranty conditions:

— During the warranty period, repair or change the part of the mattress, which is found defective.
— The warranty covers: box spring, which is deformed (dipped spanning more than 2cm) or some broken springs, fillers having breaks cover at the sprawling joint border.
— A necessary condition of the mattress on a wooden frame is a sufficient number of supports under it: at least three for each of the four sides of the central bar mattress.

Enjoy your dreams!