Pocket Memory with wood frame

— Spring block "Pocket"
— Wooden frame
— «Memory Foam»
— Wool
200 X 80
200 X 90
200 X 100
200 X 120
200 X 140
200 X 160
200 X 180
200 X 200

Orthopedic mattress built around POCKET spring block (255 springs/sq.m), ensures correct spinal stretching during sleep time.

Deck — high-tech material MEMORY FOAM (viscoelastic). Adjusts to anathomic properties of human body. Encourages muscle relaxation, supports your spine in its natural position. Allows for normal blood circulation.

Wool layer on top.

Built-in wooden frame with flexible rails — a solution for beds with openable lids.

NB! Wooden frame mattress must be installed on supports — at least 3 on each 1m of wooden beam.

Syntepone-quilted cover.

Mattress height ≈ 23cm.

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